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Kozanlar Agriculture (Kozanlar Tarım) is a member of Kozanlar Group. Kozanlar Geothermal operates in an area of ​​45.000 square meters on the geothermal field located in Sandıklı district of Afyonkarahisar with 20 years of experience. The greenhouse, which was planned in 2015, started production in 2016 and produces for the domestic and foreign markets.Kozanlar Agriculture (Kozanlar Tarım) is an R&D greenhouse and controlled by high technology and full automation. Four season products are obtained from the greenhouse, which is produced with geothermal heating. The greenhouse, which was designed by Kozanlar Geothermal and whose heating system was installed, was taken under control with security measures against sudden temperature drops and rises.


Why Does It Taste Real?

Because we apply exactly the growing conditions of a natural tomato, so it has a real taste. While our Bumblebee perform pollination, the heating obtained from the geothermal source automatically provides the day and night temperature experienced in the real season, all the nutrients the plant needs from the soil and the daylight, in short, the whole natural environment that the plant is looking for.

Natural products

The secret of the high efficiency and taste obtained in every season Geothermal series is the Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (P) etc. that the plant takes from the soil. The nutrients (absolutely free of hormonal additives) are supplied in the right proportions and conditions, pollination with Bumblebee , and the automation of the natural climatic conditions of the plant, that is, oxygen, humidity and seasonal temperature. In short, all the conditions that the plant is looking for in the natural environment are provided to the plant with the power of Geothermal Energy.

Health and Control

Our greenhouse is completely isolated from the external environment, and the growth environment of the plant is isolated from all external influences by the sterilization of our employees. Our employees, who pass three-level security audits, are taken to the growth environment as a result of these audits. Our products monitored by our agricultural engineers and our automation system controlled by our technicians are monitored for twenty-four hours and kept under remote control.

Domestic Market & Foreign Market

Our products are preferred in terms of taste and quality, and they are delivered to cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir within 10 hours at the latest. Considering that the shelf life of our products is 15-20 days, it reaches your table as if it has just been cut off from its branch.Kozanlar Agricultural Products has a Good Agriculture certificate and responds to foreign demands. The Russian Federation constitutes the main export points to the Gulf countries.
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