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Kozanlar Geothermal

Right Solution Partner for Your Geothermal Resources...

Kozanlar Greenhouse Systems

Perfect heating solutions even in the harshest climate conditions.

Kozanlar Agriculture

Fresh and healthy products in real taste in every season

Kozanlar Construction

Turnkey Hotel, Factory and Smart Housing Projects .

Kozanlar Heat Technologies Inc.

Flat heating and domestic hot water preparation systems through heat transfer

Vegetable Origin Solid Organic Fertilizer

OGITA; It is a natural and organic fertilizer obtained from completely herbal products.

About Us

Kozanlar Group

Kozanlar was established as a sanitary installation company in 1992, made a name for itself with heating in 1996 and solar energy works in 1998. In 1999, with its submersible pump in regional dealerships and in 2000 with its national brand, DGİ Flat Entry Stations became a company known throughout the country. Added the construction sector to its activities in 2006 such as hotels, factories, corporate housing, congress centers, automobile showroom projects in its region. In 2010, it carried out important projects in the geothermal heating and greenhouse heating sector, and DGI Flat Entry Stations are safely used in thousands of residences across the country.

Kozanlar Geothermal
Kozanlar is a founding member of the Association of Geothermal, Greenhouse Construction, Hardware, and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters.

Kozanlar Group

Kozanlar Group Company Profile

Foreign Trade

Kozanlar Group companies contribute to the national economy with their overseas operations.


Kozanlar Group continues its business life in two companies, four sectors and eleven fields of activity.

Human Resources

Kozanlar Group human resources policy provides opportunities for employees to demonstrate their potential, which is fair, transparent, and has a voice.

Foreign Trade

It has activated its foreign trade units as of 2011 and started to respond to foreign demands.

Companies and Sectors

Kozanlar Group; Geothermal plant provides services with its teams specialized in heating, transporting geothermal water resources with low heat loss, testing and analysis of geothermal resources.

Human Resources

Kozanlar Group aims to create a happy, productive, successful and healthy workforce that contributes to the future of the Group and has high corporate culture and loyalty.

Development Process

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First Activity
Kozanlar Group first started its commercial activities with plumbing contracts.
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Kozanlar Group has added heating contracting, solar energy and pump regional dealerships to its activities.
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National Brand
Kozanlar Group started the production of heat stations with the national brand DGI-Flat Entry Station.
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Greenhouse Heating - Greenhouse
Added greenhouse heating in 2010 and 45000 m2 geothermal greenhouse in 2016 to its commercial activities.

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